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The names from the testimonials are kept private for confidentiality reasons.

Testimonial 1: "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You found our man even when the police couldn't find him. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but you found him when it seemed impossible."

Testimonial 2: "What a load off my shoulders to have finally gotten this case taken care of. I couldn't have done it without your investigation. Thanks again!"

Testimonial 3: "Just 4 months ago I hired your agency to find my brother who I just found out existed last year. Due to the unrelenting efforts on the part of your staff, I will be meeting my brother this weekend. I must tell you that many times I started giving up hope, but were not about to give up and told me under no circumstances would you leave any stone unturned. I’d also like to add that you are a very compassionate and sweet person besides being a professional business man which is a very fine quality as far as I’m concerned. I will strongly recommend your agency to anyone I know who may need the services you provide. Again, I can’t stress enough, that besides the wonderful results I got, I give all the credit to you for making all this possible."

Testimonial 4: "All I can say is God bless you. My long search is finally over. After all the other ways that I tried to locate him, and after all the failures, you have restored my faith. I received a phone call from my son, which I didn't expect, and we talked and talked. I normally am a strong person emotionally, but I could not stop myself from crying tears of joy. Thank you so very much. My son and I are on the road of getting to know each other. Again, thank you."

Testimonial 5: "Thank you for all your efforts and for recovering my money. I went for over 4 months trying to figure out how to deal with an Ebay rip-off artist. I’m so glad I found your team on the Internet search. It took some time and guts to make the decision to put good money after bad, however your company recovered all the lost funds and my expenses. It ended up costing me nothing compared to loosing all that money. Please use me as a reference and I’m happy to recommend your firm to anyone.
Thanks again!"

Testimonial 6: "I have used Rockwell Investigations several times and have become close with the guys there. I have taken advantage of services such as gps tracking, employee screening and background checks. Whatever I need done, they get it done quickly. I will never need another PI!"

Testimonial 7: "My experiences with Rockwell PI have been great. I used them to follow my husband around while he was 'working'... Rockwell PI found out that he had been visiting his ex-girlfriend's apartment. The truth comes out."

Testimonial 8: "I couldn't believe how they [Rockwell Investigations] were able to find someone with so little information that I could provide to them. I only knew the person's first name and their high school. They came back to me with a complete profile on the person I was looking for... AMAZING!"

Testimonial 9: "I recently hired 2 new drivers for my company. Not knowing much about them, I hired Rockwell PI to track the company vehicles with the GPS tracking equipment. I found the drivers taking extra long breaks, speeding and using the company vehicles for personal use. They were given a warning and showed the report. Needless to say, they both have smartened up."

Testimonial 10: "5 years of service running background checks for my company. I appreciate your hard work and great results. Thank you and here's to another 5 years."

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