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What makes our missing person and people locate services stand out from the crowd:

-We are Private Investigators, not a database search company

-We GUARANTEE to meet your deadlines, not ours

-We tell you where all of information we provide came from

-We have an actual investigator to speak with about your locate investigation

-Our people locate investigations are conducted by investigators, not databases. Tell us about your concerns and we focus on what you know about and care about most.

-We provide a detailed report of our findings

-As Licensed Private Investigators, our relationship is strictly CONFIDENTIAL

If you find that you need more than just a simple locate or person search, our background check services will give you all the information you will need about someone’s background. Rockwell Investigations is a full service private detective agency able to bring the full assets of our agency, with nationwide resources, to bear for you.

We encourage you to call us today to discuss your situation and have an investigator explain the process and results to be obtained. The call is completely confidential.

Most of the “Background Check” and People Finder web sites that you will find on the internet are nothing more than sites that automatically search through FREE public record sources or buy old outdated information and resell it to you at 20 times the cost. This is particularly true for the “Instant background check” companies. The results they give you: Fast but meaningless data or data that is comprised of information you likely already knew. Ironically, they forget to tell you that there is little or no chance that their background check will find anything meaningful and that the super people finder search will only find old addresses that you already knew about. The companies that sell this type of information are data brokers, not licensed private investigators and cannot give you the accuracy you want.

Rockwell Investigations Provides:
  • World Wide Missing Person Searches
  • National Missing Person Searches
  • Regional Missing Person Searches
  • People Locates
  • Boston Missing Person Search and Private Investigations
  • Reliable Missing Person Search Services
  • Massachusetts Missing Person Search Related Services
  • Missing Person Search in Wakefield, MA
  • Fall River Missing Person Search
  • MA Detective
  • Massachusetts Missing Person Search and Investigator Services
  • Worcester, MA Missing Person Search
  • Professional Missing Person Search in MA
  • MA Private Investigation
  • Missing Person Search services in Boston
  • And More...

Missing Person Search Company and Investigation

Rockwell Investigations uses a combination of the latest technology, most up to date information and advanced skills and techniques to deliver results in a professional manor. Missing Person Search is one of the many investigation services offered by Rockwell Investigations. Rockwell Investigations provides Missing Person Search services in Boston, Worcester, Cape Cod and all other regions of Massachusetts.

Call Rockwell Investigations today for a confidential consultation regarding Missing Person Search and similar investigative services. 781-231-7625 ().

Rockwell Investigations is a private investigation company that specializes in Missing Person Search in Boston and all of Massachusetts.

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