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Private Investigation ServicesA staff of professional, licensed investigators clearly understand that owners of corporations, businesses and industrial facilities of all kinds and sizes are faced with increasing exposures to criminal acts by former employees and others associated with them, such as independent contractors, outside service personnel, even competitors and customers. Appropriate investigative procedures can limit, and in many cases eliminate these exposures. Violent crimes by emotionally disturbed persons are on the rise. These too can be curbed by investigative measures.

We also are fully aware of the tremendous losses businesses have suffered due to civil actions, both in terms of settlements and judgments and the legal fees involved in defending against claims. The ever-increasing exposure to civil suits and claims for damages, arising from allegations of everything from sexual harassment to engineering defects, in all likelihood will continue to spiral upward. Proper investigative measures can sharply reduce exposures to civil litigation and claims.

In cases where we can not prevent crime, we can discover the offender, and in many cases recover some of the proceeds of the crime. In relation to claims, many claimants exaggerate the amount of losses alleged. Also, many of their claims are altogether fraudulent. Appropriate investigation will result in losses being reduced and many claims being withdrawn or dismissed.

Special services are provided to the bail bond industry. These include investigations of applicants and their cosigners, location and apprehension of bail bond violators, recovery of pledged collateral, and discovery of assets.

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Areas of Specialization:
Proprietary information abuses
Merger/acquisition investigations
Patent and copyright infringement
Property theft investigations
Undercover/internal investigations
General liability insurance claims
Computer-related offenses
Embezzlement and accounting fraud
Worker compensation investigations
Sexual abuse and discrimination claims
Detection of electronic bugging devices
Location and recovery of leased property
Location of missing persons
Pre-employment background investigations
Criminal history reports
Violations of sick leave benefits
Violations of company policies and procedures
Surveillance, monitoring and photography


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