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Rockwell Investigations is a fully licensed Waltham, Massachusetts investigation company providing private investigator services to the Waltham, MA area and beyond.

If you're looking for answers to questions you need to know, a Waltham private investigator may be the help you need. A Waltham investigation like Rockwell Investigations provides services from surveillance and background checks to GPS tracking and computer forensics in Waltham.

Are you missing a family member, friend, relative or trying to find someone in your past? A people search done by a private investigator is thorough and detailed. Rockwell Investigation is a Waltham, Massachusetts investigation firm serving Waltham and beyond.

Using a Waltham private investigator can help answer your questions... is my spouse cheating... where are my teen kids driving... who am I really hiring... where is my long lost friend. Waltham private investigators such as Rockwell Investigation are trained with the latest information, technology and strategy.

Rockwell Investigations is a Waltham PI investigation company that focuses on surveillance, GPS tracking, employee screening, missing persons, computer forensics, skip tracing and more.

Rockwell Investigations Areas of Specialization:
  • Waltham Background Checks
  • Waltham Asset Searches
  • Waltham Fugitive Recovery
  • Waltham Constable Services
  • Waltham Child Support Assistance
  • Waltham Skip Tracing
  • Waltham Loss Prevention
  • Waltham Computer Forensics
  • Waltham Employee Screening
  • Waltham Criminal Record Search
  • Waltham Insurance Fraud Investigation
  • Waltham Worker's Compensation Fraud Investigation
  • Waltham Proprietary information abuses
  • Waltham Merger/acquisition investigations
  • Waltham Patent and copyright infringement
  • Waltham Property theft investigations
  • Waltham Undercover/internal investigations
  • Waltham General liability insurance claims
  • Waltham Computer-related offenses
  • Waltham Embezzlement and accounting fraud
  • Waltham Worker compensation investigations
  • Waltham Detection of electronic bugging devices
  • Waltham Location and recovery of leased property
  • Waltham Location of missing persons
  • Waltham Pre-employment background investigations
  • Waltham Criminal history reports
  • Waltham Violations of sick leave benefits
  • Waltham Violations of company policies and procedures
  • Waltham Surveillance, monitoring and photography

Waltham Investigation Company

Rockwell Investigations is a Waltham Private Investigator company specializing in investigation services in Waltham, Massachusetts.

We provide Waltham, MA PI company services to the following Massachusetts cities, towns and counties:

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