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Our computer forensics services will help you find the answers you need! If you need to have a computer searched and analyzed due to tampering, illegal or questionable content, communication recovery, researching a person's activities online and so much more, we will be able to search the computer and present you with our findings.

It is more than the technological, systematic inspection of the computer system and its contents for evidence or supportive evidence of a civil wrong or a criminal act. Computer forensics requires specialized expertise and tools that goes above and beyond the normal data collection and preservation techniques available to end-users or system support personnel. One definition is analogous to "Electronic Evidentiary Recovery, known also as e-discovery, requires the proper tools and knowledge to meet the Court's criteria, whereas Computer Forensics is simply the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential legal evidence." Another is "a process to answer questions about digital states and events". This process often involves the investigation and examination computer system(s), including, but not limited to the data acquisition that resides on the media within the computer. The forensic examiner renders an opinion, based upon the examination of the material that has been recovered. After rendering an opinion and report, to determine whether they are or have been used for criminal, civil or unauthorized activities. Mostly, computer forensics experts investigate data storage devices, these include but are not limited to hard drives, portable data devices (USB Drives, External drives, Micro Drives and many more).

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Computer forensics experts:

1. Identify sources of documentary or other digital evidence.
2. Preserve the evidence.
3. Analyze the evidence.
4. Present the findings.

Computer forensics is done in a fashion that adheres to the standards of evidence that are admissible in a court of law. Thus, computer forensics must be techno-legal in nature rather than purely technical or purely legal. Refer to Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations for the US Department of Justice requirements for Computer Forensics and electronic evidence processing.

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Rockwell Investigations uses a combination of the latest technology, most up to date information and advanced skills and techniques to deliver results in a professional manor. Computer Forensic is one of the many investigation services offered by Rockwell Investigations. Rockwell Investigations provides Computer Forensic services in Boston, Worcester, Cape Cod and all other regions of Massachusetts.

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Rockwell Investigations is a private investigation company that specializes in Computer Forensic in Boston and all of Massachusetts. For Computer Forensic Investigation Services, CLICK HERE

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